Friday, 25 September 2015

50 50 50, Such A Dedicated Enemy

RickRoss was arrested over the summer for allegedly pistol whipping his groundskeeper. He's currently being sued for the incident but it appears he's not taking those allegations laying down.

Now Ross is filing a counter suit against his groundskeeper ,Jonathan Zamudio, on the claims that his landscapers Jonathan Zamudio, Leonardo Caceres not only trespassed on his property by staying in his guest house without permission, but also left drug paraphernalia behind.

Now this is where 50 comes in:
"At its core, these trumped up allegations lack credible evidence and are an attempt at extorting money from Mr. Roberts—from the 911 call that doesn’t mention an assault or injuries, to the notion that Mr. Roberts kidnapped his accusers, when they were in fact trespassing on his property without permission," says Ross' lawyer. They also bring up a Zamudio taking photos with 50 Cent for Instagram, with 50 instigating about Ross needing to pay up. "The mere association between Mr. Roberts’ accusers and Mr. Curtis Jackson, speaks volumes to their lack of credibility and the likelihood of collusion," he says.

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